“Music Sunday”  (6-7-15 Celebration)
We invite you to join us for a new experience at Unity of Bay City. We will trace the history of spiritual music from pagan celebrations to today’s music. We will also trace the history of Unity of Bay City’s music program.
Message by Rev. Greg Coles
Musicians: Rev. Greg Coles-Vocals
  John Potrykus-Guitar
  Brittany Rocha-Piano and vocals
Meditation by Rev. Greg Coles
Next week: “Living the Consecrated Life”
We invite you to join us as we welcome back guest speaker Nancy Berdasco. What is the consecrated life? How do we live a life where we seek the holy in all? We invite you to join us as we seek our answers.
For more information about our spiritual community we invite you to join us on the Web at UnityOfBayCity.com. Also, if you are ever in the Saginaw Bay Region of Mid-Michigan, we invite you to join us in person for one of our empowering Celebration of Life services. 
Unity of Bay City is a positive path for spiritual living!
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