Summer Refreshments with the Christian Bible Part 6-Upon This Rock-Core Values Sunday (8-5-12 Celebration)

Jesus said to the disciple Simon, "...upon this rock, I will build my church." One way of interpreting this verse is that Jesus said he would build a spiritual community on the solid faith that Simon used to discern that Jesus was the Messiah.

In a similar fashion, we are building a spiritual community on solid core values. We invite you to join us as we remember those values and the recipients of the first "Core Value Stones" recognize a new community member who expresses that value and pass the stone on to them.

Message by Rev. Greg Coles and community members

Meditation by Rebecca Dunn

For more information about our spiritual community, we invite you to visit us online at

Next week: our Summer Refreshments series continues as we welcome Rev. Mary Wood, who will talk about gratitude and loving what is. We will also take time to honor the many volunteers who make our community work so well. Thank you!

Thank you also for listening!





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