"Remember Me-Easter Celebration" (4-8-12)

For Unity students, the Easter holiday is a time to remember the Christ within--that is to say, our true spiritual nature. Jesus' Earthly mission was one of reminding us of this truth and inviting us to live from our true selves every day. We invite you to join us as we rededicate ourselves as Spirit reminds us to "Remember Me."

Message and Meditation by Rev. Greg Coles.

Solo during message by Steven Magstadt

Solo during meditation by Rev. Greg Coles

Musical accompaniment by Heidi Bethune and Steven Magstadt

Next week: "Who Am I, Really?" We invite you to join us for the first of a five-part series as Rev. Greg presents the core values adopted by our spiritual community in the fall of 2011. We also invite you to consider this same question and listen for Spirit's answer.

For more information about our spiritual community, we invite you to join us on the Web: UnityofBayCity.com

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