"Summer Treasures, Part 1: Called to Be" (7-17-11 Celebration)

What qualities do you admire in the people around you, and what does that say about the kind of person Spirit is calling you to be?

As our "Summer Treasures" series begins, we invite you to join us as Rev. Greg encourages us to listen to the qualities Spirit is calling us to express.

Message and meditation by Rev. Greg Coles

Next week: The Treasure Hunt continues!

7-10-11 Celebration: "Jesus the Man-Christ the Divine Pattern"

Who was Jesus?

What was the Christ?

Who was Jesus the Christ?

We invite you to join us as guest speaker Rev. Ron Palumbo discusses this, and so much more.

Message and meditation by Rev. Ron Palumbo

Next week: Rev. Greg returns and begins his seven-week "Summer Treasures" series. We invite you to join us for a treasure hunt that is not about finding physical things. Rather, this treasure hunt is about going within and rediscovering the gifts you forgot you had, as well as finding some new ones!

7-3-11 Celebration: "Let Freedom Ring"

You know the story of Americans' Declaration of Independence from British rule, but did you know there is a deeper symbolic meaning?

And did you know that you can apply this meaning to your life and declare your own Spiritual Freedom?

We invite you to join us for this special Independence Day Weekend Celebration of Life

Talk by Rev. Greg Coles

Meditation by Ministerial Student Jan Stromseth

Visit us on the Web: UnityofBayCity.net

Next week: Rev. Ron Palumbo returns with a talk on "Jesus the Man. Christ the Divine Pattern"

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This is the handout referenced in the talk portion of Episode 37-"The Path to Healing"

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6-26-11 Celebration: "The Path to Healing"

Are you ready to be healed?

Are there things that we say and do that divert us away from this path, and how can we deal with them?

We invite you to join us as Rev. Greg discusses what those diversions are, and how we can put ourselves back on the path to healing.

Message and Meditation by Rev. Greg Coles

Next week: "Let Freedom Ring!"

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