12-26-10 Service: "Beyond Bethlehem"

Now that we have completed our trip to Bethlehem and the Christ has been born to us, what lies ahead?

Message and Mediation by David Byrd

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12-19-10 Service:

Shepherds watching their flocks in the fields received a message of peace, joy, and world-changing events.

What messages await you as Rev. Greg Coles' "Road to Bethlehem" series continues?

Message by Rev. Greg Coles

Meditation by Rev. Rebecca Dunn

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Note to our loyal listeners: Due to a chain of unforeseen events, the digital recordings of our 12-12-10 talk and meditation were irretrievably lost.

We were able to recover most of the talk from an analog cassette recording, and we present this to you today.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause, and we thank you for your continued support of Unity of Bay City Online.

12-12-10 Talk: "The Road to Bethlehem, Part 2: Mary, Did You Know?"

What did Mary know, and how can we use what she knew in our everyday lives?

We invite you to join us as Rev. Greg's "Road to Bethlehem" series continues.

Message by Rev. Greg Coles

Meditation was not recorded

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We begin an exciting journey of spiritual transformation in Reverend Greg's Christmas series, "The Road to Bethlehem."

We invite you to join us for this inspiring combination of music and message.

The Road to Bethlehem begins here!

Talk and meditation by Rev. Greg Coles

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November 28, 2010 Service-"Walk the Walk"

Are you ready for a more fulfilling life of prosperity, purpose, and passion?

Rev. Greg offers some spiritual tools to jump-start your spiritual battery, and to put Unity's Fifth Principle, "Spiritual Practice," in action.

Message by Rev. Greg Coles

Meditation by Jan Stromseth

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