The Unity Path Week 5: Take Action (5-25-14 Celebration)


We invite you to join us as our "The Unity Path" series continues and we take a look at Unity's Fifth Basic Principle, which states that spiritual principles have worth when we apply them to our everyday lives. In other words: when we take action. 


Message and meditation by Rev. Greg Coles


Musical accompaniment by Rev. Greg Coles


Next week: "It's All About You!"

We invite you to join us as Rev. Greg concludes the "Unity Path" series with a look you--yes, you! Unity is all about your personal relationship with the God of your being and understanding. So, Unity is all about you!


For more information about our spiritual community we invite you to join us on the Web at Also, if you are ever in the Saginaw Bay Region of Mid-Michigan, we invite you to join us in person for one of our empowering Celebration of Life services.


Unity of Bay City is a positive path for spiritual living!





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