Love, Honor, and Cherish (6-22-14 Celebration)

June is the traditional time for marriages, and at Unity of Bay City, we celebrate the commitment two people make when they enter into that sacred covenant with each other. 

We invite you to join us as Rev. Greg blesses the marriage of two young people as they begin their lives together. Rev. Greg will also talk about loving, honoring, and cherishing the ones we love in our lives. 

Message by Rev. Greg Coles

Marriage blessing by Rev. Greg Coles, Matthew Wardynski, and Jacqueline Wardynski

Musical accompaniment by Heidi Bethune

Next week: "I'm Letting Go"

June is also the month where we honor graduates. We invite you to join us as Unity of Bay City celebrates its graduates and Rev. Greg gives a talk featuring a video about the life lessons learned by an inline skater.

For more information about our spiritual community we invite you to join us on the Web at Also, if you are ever in the Saginaw Bay Region of Mid-Michigan, we invite you to join us in person for one of our empowering Celebration of Life services.

Unity of Bay City is a positive path for spiritual living!

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